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Adlens Glasses - Adjustable Focus Eyeglasses - Variable Focus Instant Prescription - Innovative Power Optics Technology - Great for Reading - For Seniors Women & Men Distributed Americana Made

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Manufacturer Description

Are you often shedding your studying and or driving glasses? How wonderful would it be to have just a single pair of glasses for all your visible needs? One particular pair for studying and the exact same a single for driving and looking at distances. Adlens glasses have an adjustable dial that turns to a few distinct configurations for in close proximity to intermediate and significantly distances inside of a -six. to + 3. Diopter Selection It's the way of the future!. Excellent for equally in close proximity to sighted and significantly sighted folks this unique pair of glasses will support make positive you are never with no crisp and very clear eyesight.

Product Features

VARIABLE POWER OPTICS - Visualize this, you are able to adjust the strength of your prescription all by yourself, with just the touch of a dial. Wouldn't it be nice to take less trips to the optometrist and abolish the need for that second or third pair of glasses, even reading glasses! These Adlens interface eyeglasses contain multiple spherical powers and make it a reality. It has three different customizable settings you can adjust to. Just one pair for near intermediate and far distances! INSTANT PRESCRIPTION GLASSES - Enjoy crisp focus instantly both up close and far away. No more forgetting where you put your spare pair and losing it in your car, or on your night stand. These multi-purpose lenses are perfect for all your vision needs, including reading computers TV and driving. One pair of glasses with a -6.0 to + 3.0 Diopter Range that gives you the clear and crisp vision you deserve. ADJUSTABLE EYEWEAR- This technologically advanced pair of adjustable strength lenses give you crystal clear instant vision and can replace your reading glasses and driving glasses. These stylish Adlens adjustable interface instant prescription eyeglasses will focus your vision near intermediate and far distances. Adjustable frame eye glasses may sound like something from a science fiction novel, but they are a very real reality and work for both near sighted and far sighted people. LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE CONSTRUCTION these stable varifocals are impact resistant and made from extremely durable plastic. Seeing well and looking good go hand in hand with these vision enhancing frames. They flatter all face shapes, and are both fashionable and functional. These top rated glasses are great for men women of all ages including the elderly. They will provide you with instant 20/20 vision no matter where you are. OUR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 60 Day Warranty Included - If for any reason at all you are unsatisfied with your purchase of Clear Adlens Adjustable Glasses, you may return it for a full refund. Included warranty protects purchaser from defects, breakage or dissatisfaction.

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