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Zooke Z-Wax anti-fog defogger. No. 1 TOP Rated Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner. Zooke, The Original Anti-Fog defogger sold to millions of satisfied customers for over 30 years. Z-Wax will Clean over 400 Pair or Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Goggles etc. Also use on Paint

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Manufacturer Description

Zooke Z-Wax Anti-Fog -The Amount one Leading Rated Anti-Fog/defogger Lens Cleaner accessible for you to Acquire. Zooke Items are the Unique Anti-Fog marketed to hundreds of thousands of pleased clients and utilised for in excess of thirty many years.

The Z-Wax paste will clean in excess of 400 Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Snowmobile Goggles, Motorbike Visors or Windshields, Snowboard Goggles, Ski Goggles, biking Eyeglasses, Snorkeling, Swimming or Diving Masks.

Protected to use on Paintball and Hockey Masks, CRG Lens, all Brands of Sunglasses, Prescription Eyeglasses as properly as Anti-Reflective Coated Lenses. Perfect for Large-stop Optics including Digital camera Lenses, Scopes, Binoculars or any Particular Coated Lens.

The Zooke merchandise line is drinking water dependent, non-poisonous, non-abrasive, biodegradable and is made up of no hazardous Chemical substances or Silicons.

Fogging Eyewear is not only Annoying but also Dangerous so Purchase Zooke Anti-Fog so you can Appreciate all your Out of doors Pursuits, Sporting activities, Events and Merely Daily Life Clearly and Fog Free of charge.

Product Features

ANTI-FOG IMMEDIATELY: With Zooke Z-Wax all you have to do is apply and wipe clean with Zooke Micro-fiber Z-Cloth to have a Crystal Clear lens free of fog. Fog Sucks and is also Dangerous so Purchase Zooke Z-Wax to use on all your sport or everyday optical needs. Z-Wax will stop your lens from fogging in all conditions for an average of 3-5 days per application. PERFECT FOR ALL SPORTS: Zooke Anti-Fog is the #1 most effective defogger if you snorkel, ski, swim, play paintball, hockey or any sport where glasses, goggles, visors, windshields or protective gear are worn! We spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on Sunglasses, Goggles and Sports related optics, so add Zooke products to protect, clean and defog your Investment. #1 RATED ANTI-FOG LENS CLEANER: Zooke was formulated by sports adventure enthusiasts to fill the need of fogging eyewear over 30 years ago. The formula has been re-designed and improved through the years to stay current and up to date with all optics. Zooke currently has millions of satisfied customers enjoying and using the Zooke product line daily to keep them safe, clear and fog free. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: With Zooke Z-Wax Anti Fog Lens Cleaner you won't be disappointed! If you are not 100% satisfied with Zooke or if you have any issues please contact Zooke immediately and we will resolve them and ensure you are 100% satisfied! Z-Wax is simple and easy to use: Apply paste to both sides of lens and wipe clear with Zooke Micro-fiber Z-Cloth. CLEANS, FILLS IN HAIRLINE SCRATCHES AND DEFOGS ALL-IN-ONE- Protect all your high-end optics with one of Zooke specialty products. The Zooke formula is safe on all types of lenses, coatings as well as Prescription, Anti-Reflective or Specialty Lenses. Z-Wax fills in hairline scratches giving you clear vision with less or no reflection. Zooke is specially designed to Emulsify and break up the oil, finger prints and grime so when the Z-Cloth is used it will leave a clear streak free finish.

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